6 Amazing Ways of Promoting Your Business Online

Are there FREE tools that can help you to market your business more effectively? Sure there are!

And the following article will provide with some proven techniques to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

  1. Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

This is absolutely crucial if you want to monitor what’s going on with your site. You can track clicks, impressions, CTR, and so on. It’s recommended from Google, so you should use it. You can track your backlinks, you can check which of your pages are present in the Google’s index, you can even remove them from the index should you wish for it!

There are so many things you can do with it, and the best part of all – it’s absolutely FREE!

  1. Setting Up Bing Webmaster Tools

Well Google is not the only search engine, and what Bing Webmaster Tools will do for you is very similar to what Google’s search console will. The only difference is that you’ll be able to track your search presence in Bing instead of Google.

  1. Installing Google’s GA

Google Analytics is an absolute must for every single website on the Internet. Without it, you can’t even track what’s happening on your site. It will provide you with very important data such as average time spent on site, bounce rates, average pages visited and so on.

Install it – it’s FREE!

  1. Participating in SM and on Forums

Make a research and find relevant social media sites (and groups on them) along with forums related to your business. Open accounts there and start participating actively in the discussions. It will not only increase your brand awareness, but it will also drive free traffic to your site.

  1. Starting your OWN thing

Let’s say your niche sucks. There are 0 forums for this topic. Solution? Start your own forum! If you didn’t know, forums can be easily installed from any cPanel with a single click of your mouse’s button.

  1. Blog Commenting

Commenting on other people’s blogs will not only improve your SEO rankings but it will also drive lots of free traffic to your site from visitors interested in your comments. This is lots of new targeted customers, and the best part – it’s FREE to do it.

Some Last Thoughts

While there is nothing free in the world (because it requires time and your effort), there are certainly activities that can save you lots of money and still provide you with good results. The above 6 techniques will certainly increase your brand awareness and help you in your online promotional efforts of your business.



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